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Google Guaranteed: The #1 Solution to Local Business Marketing!!!

With Google’s new Guaranteed program, small business owners now have an alternative to expensive search engine marketing. For those who are unfamiliar with the program, it offers local companies a way to attract more traffic without investing in paid search campaigns. The idea is that contractors will be able to show up at the very top of search engines even above the traditional paid ads with a green checkmark displaying the Google Guaranteed logo.

What is Google Guaranteed?

The Google Guarantee is a service that is provided to customers who find local businesses through the Local Services Ads platform. The guarantee is up to a $2000 reimbursement for anyone who found your services through Local Services Ads and they aren’t satisfied with the quality of your work. This instills confidence in potential customers when they’re looking for your services and they see the green checkmark by your business name displaying the google guarantee badge.

This means contractors can show themselves as the top result on Google’s Search Engine results pages without investing time or money into paid campaigns like Adwords PPC campaign where there are many other competitors trying to get the same spot!

The Google Guaranteed rollout was a little slow at the beginning because of the verification processes and prerequisites. To be guaranteed by Google you must abide by the laws and regulations of your state for the given trade. In some states, your special contractor trade might require a license and in some states, they don’t. You however as a contractor should be up to date with that information.

Depending on whether you have to enter a client’s home with your business your employees might be subject to a background check before you are approved. One of the best ways to outrank anyone else on Google Guaranteed is to be the business with the best and most reviews as well as with the most photos. At Triumph Unlimited we have proprietary strategies that can help you generate a ton of authentic reviews by utilizing a direct link and list of customers you’ve already served in the past. Implementing the review generation strategy will unlock a new level in your business you didn’t know you could get to so fast.

Google Guaranteed and Google My Business.

Rewarding the businesses that have a fully optimized Google My Business listing and those who follow Google’s best practices you can be certain that we will get you to the top. Google also penalizes businesses that don’t follow the correct guidelines or best practices.

There are three determining factors for the frequency of your listing showing up on search engine results pages: Distance, Relevance, and Prominence. Depending on your proximity to a business is what listings will show up for a given search. You’ll only show up for the services you select to show up for in your business. IF you are consistently generating business and getting reviews across different platforms such as Yelp, Facebook, etc. those signals will be picked up by Google as healthy ranking signals and you will be the preferred result to choose.

If you don’t have a Google My Business Listing just yet then contact our team and we can help you set one up properly to get those organic leads that come free to your business by enjoying the privileges of being a top result. First things first, let’s make sure you can walk before you try to run.

Do you want to be found on Google?

If you’re looking for a way to get your business seen, then look no further. With Google My Business, it’s easy to create and manage your online presence. You can list all of the products and services that you offer, as well as generate reviews from customers who have interacted with your company. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s even an insights tool that will show you how many calls or messages your business has received in the last week, month, or quarter!

Get started today by contacting someone on our team and we’ll get you started! It’ll take less than 20 minutes and could make all the difference in getting more customers through the door!

One important factor when creating and managing the listings and social media accounts across the internet for your business is consistency. How consistent is the NAP (name address and phone numbers) for your business. Similar to a credit report Google looks at inconsistency as negative signals and instead of getting rewarded, you get penalized.

Learn More about Google Guaranteed from Google!

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